Apples and Pears

Fall is here! It's the perfect time of year to head into the kitchen and use your Thermomix® to cook with our two fall favorites: apples and pears.

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Baking with Apples

Everyone loves a fruity slice of pie. Each country has its own signature recipe for baking apple pies. They differ in dough type and use of spices, but the basic idea behind the recipes is the same.

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Quick Tips

Storage: it’s best to store apples and pears in a cool place or in the fridge. They will keep fresh for weeks in a crisper drawer, unstacked.

Overripe Fruit: do you have some overripe apples or pears? Juice the apples, make a smoothie or use the pears in a cereal. In juices or smoothies, you can use the entire fruit. Your Thermomix® will be happy to blend it, core and all!

Save for Later: peel, cut, core, and freeze your excess apples and pears to ensure you can continue making your fall favorites all year long! If you don't want to freeze the apples, cook up a quick apple sauce to eat over the next few days.

Know your Varieties: crisp varieties of apples and pears are best for baking since they keep their shape and also brown very nicely!

Using Apple Sauce: for a ligther dessert, replace some of the butter or oil in your recipe with homemade apple sauce.

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