On the Go? Cook Smarter, Not Harder!

Tired of settling for fast food when you're on the go? Keep scrolling for some wow-worthy, on-the-go recipes and discover how to simplify your time in the kitchen.

Cookidoo®: your partner in creating wow every day

Juggling work, meetings, and the kids’ soccer practice can leave you with zero time for cooking. But ditching home-cooked meals for takeout is not the answer! With Cookidoo®, you can whip up tasty meals from scratch, quickly - without sacrificing quality or taste. Wow the family on busy days with a delicious dinner in simply 30 minutes, or throw together a quick and easy bite for lunch while working from home!

Dinner in Less Than 30 Minutes

Quick Work Lunches

Simplify Kitchen Time

Time is precious, so here are a few great tips to make your time in the kitchen as efficient as possible.

1.Find recipes with Cookidoo®, using the filter feature to select quick recipes

2.Cook multiple components at once with multi-layer cooking using the Varoma® and the simmering basket

3.Meal-prep and plan your meals ahead of time

4.Chop your veggies in a jiffy with the Thermomix® Cutter

Now go ahead - savor your food and enjoy the rest of the day!

Prep for Later


Make takeout a thing of the past!

10 tips for easier, faster, and healthier cooking

Even when life is busy and you feel like you don’t have the time or energy to cook, you can still serve your loved ones a wholesome meal. You just need the right ‘tools’ to easily choose good, healthy food. Here are 10 great tips for easier, faster, and healthier cooking, which will make takeout an afterthought.

Say no to takeout!

Go-Proof with Kids

When on the go with kids, it can be challenging to keep them fuelled with the good stuff. Whether you are packing lunch for a trip to the zoo or you have a picky eater, here are some great options to try out.

Lunchbox Treats


Want More On-the-Go Snack Inspiration?

Turn your time crunch into a moment of inspiration to create wow every day. Find some snack options that are simple, healthy, and, best of all, portable!

Snacks On the Move!