Dinner Today, Lunch Tomorrow

Optimize your meals for savings and convenience! Find ideas for delicious dishes that you can prepare days in advance and then take as lunch to the office or school.

Upgrade your meals with an easy trick! Instead of cooking just enough for two, prepare 4-6 servings at once. This not only makes your dinner more enjoyable but also gives you tasty leftovers for the next day.

Use Cookidoo® filters to adjust the number of servings and find the perfect recipes to match. It's a simple way to make cooking more efficient and convenient.

Recipes for 8 or More Portions

Lunch Boxes Can Be Your New Best Friend

● Save on restaurant and school lunch meals ● Allow healthier meals tailored to your taste ● Reduce waste and make better use of leftovers

Reviving Leftovers

Transforming Leftovers

- Roast Chicken: shred and use in fajitas, wraps or salads. You can also mix it with a mushroom sauce and accompany it with pasta.

- Bolognese: spread leftovers on a pizza or mix with beans for a "kind" of chili.

- Fish: try it in fish tacos or fish burgers.

- Rice: you can sauté the rice with egg, bacon, peas or other ingredients you have at home.

- Potato Puree: use it to make gnocchi, for example.

- Bread: you can make bread crumbs flavored with herbs and freeze or use them in sweet or savory bread-based puddings.

- Vegetables: at the end of each week, check the leftover vegetables in the fridge and make a spring salad or tortilla with a bit of everything.

Get Creative with Ground Meat Leftovers

Even Better the Next Day

Certain recipes, especially those containing meat and sauce, usually gain consistency, flavor and texture after a while. This is the case with soups, curries, stews and casseroles. This phenomenon happens not only because of chemical reactions between the food and the seasoning, but some also attribute it to our own senses. As we cook, we gradually become accustomed to the aromas and flavors of the dish, however, the next day our sense of smell becomes more acute again. This is why we can perceive subtle nuances of taste after time.

Good Today, Better Tomorrow

Keep Food Fresh Longer

● Store leftovers in small, airtight containers for quicker refrigeration. ● Reheat only as much as necessary. ● Once cooked, avoid leaving leftovers out of the fridge for more than 2 hours. ● Store leftovers in individual portions so that in the morning you can just pick them up and take them with you.

From Family Dinner to Lunch Box

Use Thermomix® Warm Up Mode

Warm Up Mode evenly heats the entire dish and is perfect for baby food, sauces, stews and soups. No need to worry about selecting the right amount of time, or under or overheating your food! Thermomix® will notify you when the food has reached the right temperature.

Warm Up Mode