7 Delicious Ways to Cook Mushrooms

Every fall, hundreds of edible mushroom species spring up from the damp forest floor...each packed with a unique array of earthy flavors, nutrients and textures. Discover this extremely versatile ingredient and the many ways to use them: from pastas and soups, to pies and pastries.

1. Sautéed or Stewed

Common Mushroom Varieties

White button - can be eaten raw or cooked and taste great in salads, soups and pizzas.
Shiitake – fresh shiitake mushrooms have a lighter taste, while dried shiitake mushrooms have an intense flavor and aroma. They are often used in Asian dishes such as soups and broths, sautéed and steamed, but also used in risottos and other dishes.
Portobello - great meat substitutes, they go well in sauces, pasta and are great baked, grilled or stuffed.
Porcini - reddish brown with a mild, aromatic flavor. They are widely used in Italian cuisine, notably in soups and risottos.
Oyster - fan-shaped, this type of mushroom has a delicate aroma and taste. They are often used in Asian dishes, in soups and sautés.
Enoki - tall, thin and small, they have a crunchy texture and can be eaten in soups, noodles and salads.

2. Earthy Soups and Broths

3. Crunchy Pies and Pastries

To soak or not to soak

Fresh Mushrooms : because of their sponge-like texture, avoid soaking fresh mushrooms in water. Before cooking, quickly rinse and dry, or brush them with a cloth. Dried Mushrooms: before cooking, dried mushrooms should be soaked for 20-60 minutes, or according to the package instructions. After straining, use the water in which they were soaked for broths, soups and risottos!

4. Stuffed or as Stuffing

Did You Know?

• There are hundreds of edible mushroom species, hence the popular expression "spring up like mushrooms" that refers to something that grows quickly and in large quantities!

• Mushrooms are a fungi that are 90% water. They are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals… and low in calories! Thanks to their nutritional benefits, they are an excellent choice for vegetarians.

5. As a Tasty Meat Substitute

6. Creative and Exotic Dishes

Selecting and Storing

Mushrooms should have a firm, plump and smooth texture. If they can't be enjoyed right away, store them in the fridge and avoid airtight containers. A good trick is to wrap them in paper towel and place them in a paper bag, or keep them in the store-bought packaging. Other options include sautéing then freezing, or dehydrating!

7. Comforting Bowls of Pasta or Grains

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