Back to School Stress-Free

It's back to school for the kids and you'll soon be back to the crazy tight schedule of a new school year. Stay organized and get into habits that make it easy to get back into the swing of things and avoid the morning rush.

Easy Family Meals

Create a To-Do List

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed – ease in gradually. Stay organized and plan ahead as much as possible. Choose generous recipes that allow you to have leftovers so when you're working late or the children are with the babysitter, all that is needed is to warm up a delicious dish!

Prepare and Make-Ahead

Daily Support!

Some essential ingredients should always be on your shopping list: milk, butter, cereal, eggs, pasta, etc. Then just add the extras, to make the Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf (available on Cookidoo®), simply add poppy seeds and lemon to your list, as you already have your basic ingredients in the cupboard or fridge... that’s all there is to it!

Make My List

Multi-Level Recipes Make Life Easier

Essentials and Extras

Buy your staple ingredients in bulk and transform them as you need, stretching the budget. Confectioner’s sugar made at home from ordinary granulated sugar is less expensive than store-bought and you save space by only storing one ingredient. Buy spices whole, as they keep fresh longer than ground. You can make your own Greek yogurt with Fermentation mode, saving even more when you make it yourself. Proudly serve your own homemade bread, made from low-cost ingredients. Search Cookidoo® for basics and stock your pantry with homemade staples. Choosing the right recipes and planning ahead, you can economize while treating your whole family to delicious and healthy homemade dishes.

Little Things Make it Special!

Plan Ahead, Make Ahead

Take advantage of the weekends to prepare healthy playtime snacks without the stress. Thermomix® makes cooking so easy!

A Playtime Snack

Lunchbox Surprises

Sweet Snacking

A Few Tips

PLAN! Create a family calendar for your kitchen and post it where everyone can see. Note down the week’s schedule every weekend (picnic, work lunch, special event etc.), so you can get the shopping you need and whip up tasty Thermomix® recipes with your TM5 or TM6.
Team Work: sharing chores and activites strengthen family bonds and creates an efficient household. Share your Cookidoo® shopping list with your family so they can provide input.
Lay a Good Foundation: start habits that will help you before the kids go back to school. Prepare meals on the weekends and share tasks for a well-managed, gentle return to routine.
Enjoy Yourself: even when the days pass too quickly, don’t forget to have fun with your loved ones, and cook with love and your Thermomix®.